Vote for your favorite local acts, and make sure to check out some new ones as well. A handy place to do so will be at the RFT Music Showcase, held this year on June 7 in the Grove. Featuring over 60 bands, including a Grand Finale with So Many Dynamos and Pokey LaFarge!

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Each year, we at RFT Music HQ present the RFT Music Awards, an annual celebration of the best and brightest musical acts St. Louis has to offer. The nominees are chosen by a panel of venue owners/employees, promoters/talent buyers, record store staff, dedicated die-hards and various other musical minds from organizations all over the city -- and then the winners are chosen by you, the readers!
Many of these musicians will appear at the RFT Music Showcase, to be held this year on June 7 in the Grove. See you there!

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